Produced by Ambient and cryogenic technology

Production of very fine rubber powder is produced by applying both of the main technologies on the market, ambient and cryogenic processing.

The ambient (mechanical) technology,  is a process where,  by grinding rubber tyre crumb in mills , is able to produce fine powder from 0.00mm up to 0.8mm.

The cryogenic system involves the freezing of the rubber crumb down to extremely low temperatures using liquid nitrogen. Whilst in the frozen state it is then crushed, resulting in a more regular and smooth surface compared to the ambient system.

Fine Rubber Powder applications

Fine rubber powder has many applications such as inclusion in marine paint and sealants resulting in stronger and longer lasting products.

Combined with various polymers it is used in the manufacture of a range of molded plastic applications, such as dustbins. The production process benefits from the addition of a certain percentage of fine recycled rubber powder as it improves the properties of the finished product.

Used in this way fine rubber powder is a good substitute to virgin materials and thus benefits the economy and environment at the same time.

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