Tyre wire is used in the production of new tyres, giving the necessary strength to withstand bumps, heat and other hazardous conditions. Thus the quality of the steel needed has to ensure the tyre is safe, tyre manufacturers know this, and therefore they never compromise on the quality of the steel. Consequently reclaimed tyre wire is of a very high quality and conforms to well know standards such as the German "Stahlschrottpreise index Sorte 2".



  1. Tyre Wire

After extracting the steel from the old tyres a treatment of the steel is carried out  which makes it very clean and therefore  extremely suitable for re smelting. The steel fraction is then compressed  to a density of approximately 800 kg/m3 compared to the standard 300 kg/m3, enabling better storage and cheaper transport and handling.


ISRI Code Grade  Description and contamination level

Pulled bead wire (Truck).Not chopped; made up of loops of wire. 

272 Grade 1. Less than five percent (<5%) rubber/fiber.
273 Grade 2. Five to ten percent (5-10%) rubber/fiber.
274 Grade 3. Greater than ten percent (>10%) rubber/fiber.

Pulled bead wire (Passenger). Not chopped; made up of loops of wire. 

275 Grade 1. Less than five percent (<5%) rubber/fiber.
276 Grade 2. Five to ten % percent (5-10%) rubber/fiber.
277 Grade 3. Great than ten percent (>10%) rubber/fiber.

Processed tire wire (Ferrous) Chopped. 

278 Grade 1. Less than two percent (<2%) rubber/fiber.
279 Grade 2. Less  than five percent (<5%) rubber/fiber.
280 Grade 3. Five to ten percent (5-10%) rubber/fiber.
281 Grade 4. Ten to twenty percent (10-20%) rubber/fibre
282 Grade 5. Greater than twenty percent (>20%) rubber/fibre

Typical uses are: smelting into nuggots for steel mills.

  1. Tyre Fire

  The textile element of a recycled tyre accounts for 14% of the output from the processing plant.

  Typical uses are: Prodcution of energy in  cement and lime works.

Sound and Thermal insulation, New building products are being developed to utilise this beneficial insulation properties.This will allow for much more environmental and economical benefits.

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