Construction Recycled Tyre Products

The larger Tyre shred is typically used as leachate drainage in landfill cells, whilst the smaller Tyre Chips, are used in construction of equestrian ménages.

Tyre Granulate and Tyre Powders are best suited for use in modified bitumen for road surfaces and pavements, and as infill and as an aggregate replacement in the production of building blocks.

A Children's playground made from Tyre Granulate is more beneficial to the well being of the children as it is softer and enables the construction of the playground to comply with the EU EN1176 and EN 1177 directives. They are easier to clean and you avoid problems with hidden, left behind needles, broken glass and faeces from cats and dogs.

Tyre granulate is mixed with polyurethane and the playground s are built in situ. This enables many exciting shapes, designs and colours to be used.

Alternatively, playgrounds can also be made by prefab tiles produced by the rubber industry using the Tyre Granulate.

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